European Council summit in Brussels
Il GR di Reporter nuovo del 13 dicembre 2018. La trattativa tra Conte e Junker sulla manovra italiana, con la riduzione al 2,04% di deficit, le condizioni di Megalizzi, Brexit, la condanna di...
++ Strasburgo: killer asserragliato, sparatoria in corso ++


Il GR di Reporter nuovo del 12 dicembre 2018. In apertura l'attentato a Strasburgo, a seguire Brexit e attualità dal mondo.
French Economy and Industry minister Emmanuel Macron is pictured during a press conference following a meeting amid a crisis in France's agricultural sector in Paris on February 8, 2016.  
French farmers have carried out a string of demonstrations for nearly two weeks against the falling prices of their products, demanding structural measures to strengthen price rates. / AFP / PATRICK KOVARIK        (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)
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A banner reading "Salvini - Italian Interior minister- we say we aren't drug dealers" esposed in  the former penicillina factory on Via Tiburtina in Rome, Italy 10 December 2018. The building, abandoned for years, was one of the city's historical occupations. Inside there were about 400 people, mainly North Africans, but also families of Italians.
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In studio Luca Zanini, Alfredo Toriello, Nicolò Delvecchio e Elena Kaniadakis.
In studio Gabriele Imperiale, Lidia Sirna e Tito Borsa.
In studio Federica Del Zotto, Valerio Di Fonso, Nanni Sofia e Francesco Pietrella.
In studio Francesco Teodori, Gennaro Serio, Riccardo Antoniucci e Eleonora Zocca.
epa06883025 US President Donald J. Trump speaks during a press conference on the second day of the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium, 12 July 2018. NATO member countries' heads of states and governments gather in Brussels on 11 and 12 July 2018 for a two days meeting.  EPA/CHRISTIAN BRUNA
Ha condotto Nicolò Delvecchio. Servizi di Luca Roberto, Giulia Marrazzo, Giulia Catricalà, Alessio Esposito, Gabriele Imperiale
epa06882236 Croatian fans celebrate after the FIFA World Cup 2018 semi final between Croatia and England at King Tom Club in Sydney, Thursday, July 12, 2018. Croatia won 2-1.  EPA/JEREMY NG
Ha condotto Alfredo Toriello. In studio Giovanni Sofia
epa06869865 Players of Belgium celebrate with fans after the FIFA World Cup 2018 quarter final soccer match between Brazil and Belgium in Kazan, Russia, 06 July 2018. Belgium won 2-1.

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Conduce Gabriele Imperiale. In studio Alessio Esposito, Giovanni Sofia e Nicolò Delvecchio
Conducono Gennaro Serio e Francesco Teodori. In studio Riccardo Antoniucci e Eleonora Zocca
Conducono Federica Del Zotto e Michela Rubortone. In studio Alessio Esposito, Giovanni Sofia, Francesco Pietrella
Courtesy of Elon Musk via AP
Conduce Luca Zanini, in studio Nicolò Delvecchio e Giulia Marrazzo
epa06877283 New British Government Brexit secretary Dominic Raab arrives for a cabinet meeting in Downing Street, central London, Britain, 10 July 2018. The Cabinet meets a day after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned and British Prime Minister Theresa May met the 1922 committee of Cosnervative Members of Parliament.  EPA/SEAN DEMPSEY
Conducono Alessio Esposito e Federica Simone. Servizi di Angelo Berchicci, Giulia Marrazzo, Giulia Catricalà, Luca Roberto, Gennaro Serio, Gabriele Imperiale, Nicolò Delvecchio, Giovanni Sofia